Austria Quality Seal

The Austria Quality Seal is an official guarantee for Austrian quality products. The quality seal is awarded by the Austrian Association for the Promotion of Quality (ÖQA) after stringent quality inspections by an authorised certification body.

Supply chain

Like other leading bearing manufacturers, NKE AUSTRIA does not produce all components in-house. All NKE standard and special bearings are designed and optimised by NKE engineers in Steyr, Austria. Components and assemblies are manufactured as precision products strictly according to NKE specifications by our audited and qualified production sites in Europe and Asia. Further processing, critical processes and quality assurance, however, are undertaken only at NKE’s headquarters in Steyr, Austria.

Declaration of product supply

A prerequisite for the Austria Quality Seal is that at least 50 percent of the value creation of all NKE bearings is generated in Austria. Due to various levels of production processing performed in Austria, products may carry one of the following declarations of product supply:

GtezeichenAustria Quality Seal No. 30.276
Desig quality austria 07Label 1
Made in austriaLabel 2

"Made in Austria"
In addition, further substantial production processing is undertaken in the Steyr manufacturing plant. These products fulfill the requirements for the “Made in Austria” status. As of the end of 2006, more than 4,000 items in the NKE product range are made in Austria.