Quality Process for Quality Bearings

All NKE bearings undergo stringent, documented quality inspections at our headquarters in Steyr. By using advanced test and measuring equipment as well as a rigorous quality policy, we can guarantee that every single batch of bearings delivered to you is of the highest quality standard.

NKE’s Steyr site is certified to ISO9001:2008 in the design, development, manufacturing and distribution of bearings. Here are a few examples of our test and measurement equipment:

  • Material: Spectrometer (chemical analysis), hardness testing
  • Dimension: Linear height measurement, shape and roughness measurement, CNC coordinate measuring system, roundness measurement, measuring station for large size bearings
  • Function: Noise/vibrations testing modules (GP1 and GP2)

Besides our in-house facilities, we also commission external independent laboratories for regular or special inspections to ensure the highest quality of NKE bearings.

Shape and roughness measurementShape and roughness measurement
CNC 3D measurementCNC 3D measurement
Height measurementHeight measurement
Noise test (GP1)Noise test (GP1)
Inspection of large bearingsInspection of large bearings

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